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Welcome To The World Of Cryotherapy!
Written by Brayson Buckner on July 1st 2018
  Ever since I was a young kid I have had joint pain. In high school it was so bad I would come home from football practice crying because of the pain in my ankles and knees. As a kid you just think it's normal because football hurts right? Years went by and at one point I was told by a "specialist" I was in pain because I had an earring that was on a pressure point. So I removed the earring. But that didn't work. Back then all we did was the same thing we had done for years. An ice bath and some Tylenol. While those helped, the ice bath was extremely painful and the dose of Tylenol for a kid wasn't enough to take the pain away for long. So the short story is I just suffered and chose not to play other sports because of how painful football was for me. Did joint pain and not being able to recover properly hinder me and my ability to reach goals? Absolutely it did! But back then the options for pain management and recovery were limited.
  I want you to be a part of something that can change your life and get you on the path to reaching your goals.  
Sound good?
Cool, then keep an eye out for my next blog post!
Brayson "the ice man" Buckner

About Author: Brayson Buckner

  Brayson Buckner is the founder and head instructor of Krav Maga Spokane and 509 Cryo. As a 1st Dan Black Belt in Krav Maga Brayson dedicates most of his ability to recover from multiple past injuries and continue training and instructing his students to the healing and rejuvenating power of Cryotherapy.  
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