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By Brayson Buckner 
July 26th 2018

At first I was blown away at how I felt after my first Cryo session. How could I feel this good after only 2 1/2 to 3 min? This had to be a placebo effect.

So, I chose to reserve my final judgement on Cryo until after a month of sessions. Now I did my week of daily sessions and then cut it back to the recommended 1-2 maintenance sessions per week. I kept this up for a month and after the month I felt the verdict was in! And the verdict is, that this stuff is AMAZING! It is everything they said it was and then some. First off the joint pain was down tremendously and I had cut my meds down by 50%! But most surprising was how I felt mentally. I was sleeping better and my training was going great! Especially the training sessions at the end of the week, which used to be the hardest to complete. Most of all no more damn frozen peas!!!

So I have shared my life of joint pain and recovery. And now I want to share Cryo with you so you can experience what I did and get back to reaching your goals and feeling the best you can!

I want to offer you your first session at the discounted rate of only $25! This is normally $50. Click the link to claim your coupon. www.509Cryo.com/coupon

P.S. Bring a friend with you and we will extend this offer to them but they must be with you and it's only good for one friend.

Thank you so much, we will see you soon!

Brayson "The Ice Man" Buckner

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What is Cryotherapy?
Whole Body Cryotherapy, or WBC, is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness which dates back to ancient civilizations. Developed in 1978 by Dr. Toshima Yamauchi to treat rheumatoid arthritis, whole body cryotherapy uses a temperature range of -90 Celsius (-130ºF) to -120 Celsius (-184ºF) to hypercool the body for 3-minutes. Similar to how athletes use ice baths or how you would ice a sprained ankle.
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